During this safari, three different stories emerged. The first two are bad news stories. A coalition of four adult lions comprised of three males and a female moved into the Northern areas of the Madikwe reserve displacing two older beautiful black-maned lion males. We had the privilege of following and photographing the coalition lions. They are in excellent condition and their prime of life. Recognisable as they are all blond in colour. Conversely, the two black-maned males are now alone and starving to death. The one is, at the time of our visit, so weak he cannot walk more than fifty metres without stopping. His buddy is in better shape but only just. The stronger one pauses every time his buddy needs to rest and returns to him to rub faces lovingly. See last pages of pics. Sadly the weaker one won't see the week out and his friend probably only the next five or six days. There is plenty of food available, but they are past being able to hunt and without a pride of females around them to help feed them, they will die of starvation as lonely old men. We followed and captured the tender moments that they shared between them with a heavy heart. The second story is also about lions. There were two blond female lions, a Mum and Daughter. The Daughter was eating a baby warthog while Mum watched some metres away. The Daughter didn't share even one bite with her Mum. The Mum was emaciated and wasting away. You can see all her loose skin as she walks behind the beautifully conditioned Daughter. Hard to watch and photograph. The Third story is a good news story. Wild dogs or as they are also known as painted wolves are seriously endangered. We managed to see and photograph on three separate occasions a pack of eight dogs all in excellent condition. Previously packs some twenty strong were decimated by an outbreak of rabies that all but destroyed all the dogs in the reserve. Thankfully five survived, and the pack of eight we saw are their offspring.